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An easier way to send your match scores to the Area 2 website for posting. 
Just send the "webfile.txt" file from the EzWinScore program.

When using EzWinScore to calculate the match results, make sure the match date noted in the program is the date of the match, NOT the date you are calculating the results.

When you calculate your match results scores you should be on the image depicted below:

Be sure to mark/check the following (indicated by red colored arrows above):

- "Final" in "Select Display Option"

- "By Division" in the "Select Scoring type"

- Check "100%" in the "Include reentries"

Then click on "Web File" and you will be presented with this box:

In the box depicted above, be sure to note the location the "webfile.txt" file is stored on your computer.  This is the only file you need to send to have your match scores posted.

Just click on the "OK" box to create the file.

Using this method is easier, faster, and creates a file of less that 40k as opposed to the 1.2 Mbyte file created by the .db file.

If you have any questions, just let me know.


Jerry M