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Problems with Adobe Acrobat Reader

bullet6 December 2003 - Update
I no longer post match results in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format nor do I post in the traditional .html with ASCII text format.  I now use a script file that calls match results from previously saved ASCII files created by the EZ WinScore program.  If you get the following error after clicking on a link to a match:

JumpNcount Error Response
The program has responded with an error

The result is:
Bad Referrer
Remote access denied

Simply highlight the filename displayed in your browser, type Ctrl O (that is the letter o) and then Ctrl V.  Ctrl O opens a new browser and Ctrl V pastes the URL you just highlighted.  This way, you are directing your browser to go directly to the URL name and bypassing my JumpNcount script.  JumpNcount is simply a counter that tells me how many hits a certain pages gets from my USPSA main web page.  For some unknown reason, it does not work on all computers.

A sample match filename will be something like this:  If it is not a long filename like this, then it probably won't work.


If this does not work - try turning off your Firewall - then try to access the file.  If that works, then turn your Firewall back on.  Firewalls usually hide IP addresses from the receiving location and my script is looking for a valid IP address.

bulletOther users are experiencing problems with the Acrobat Reader.

bulletThe first "fix" may be as simple as highlighting the filename and path displayed at the top of your browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer) after you have received some sort of error from the Adobe Reader.  After highlighting the filename and path of the match you are trying to open, type <Ctrl><C> (copy), then type <Ctrl><O> (that is the letter "o"), which will open a new box in your browser waiting for a URL name, then type <Ctrl><V> (paste) (that is the letter '"v">, then click on your <enter> key.  This method is simply telling your browser to open the filename directly from the path on the web site.

bulletFurther, I realize that there are many users who do not like the Adobe .pdf files format and would rather I post results the same way I used to (html files).  Unfortunately, the new EZzWinScore program is the culprit.  I can print the match results to a text file, however, the new program does not format the output the same as the old EZ Score program.  The resulting files are too wide for viewing on some browsers without having to scroll back and forth the see each line of results.  Editing these files to make them easier to view is a very time consuming project.  I used to be able to complete a match in 20minutes with EZ Score. To achieve the same "viewable" results with the new program takes me over 2 hours for one match.  I don't have that much free time and patience to make all the editing changes.  I report results on over 20 clubs, that's a minimum of 42 hours work to edit the text files and that doesn't count editing the other pages on the web site for the links to work properly..

bulletI have visited many other club web sites and the only format they use is what the USPSA program prints.

bulletPrior to Dec 2003 - One of the USPSA Members turned me on to Adobe Acrobat.  I can now create and post a match in 20 minutes again.  The Adobe Reader is a "free" program and many web sites use the format. I know it takes a long time to download the program if you are using a slow dial-up connection, but once downloaded and installed, it normally is not a problem, just takes a few seconds to load and match results requested after the initial load of the reader will usually load faster.

bulletIf you get an error message "File Damaged", etc, when you try to open match results and it appears your Acrobat Reader has loaded the file, try your "reload" or "refresh" button in your browser a couple of times.  Sometimes this will clear the problem and allow the file to open. I access the files from four different computers, two are mine and two are networked computers at work. I never have any problems accessing the .pdf files.

bulletCheck the Adobe website and the below links.  The specific browsers may be configured as a "plug-in" or as a "helper file."  The default set up for both Netscape and Internet Explorer is as a "plug-in."  However, this set up does not work, for some unknown reason, on all computers.  The fix is changing the browser configuration to use the reader as a "helper file."  Click the links below for your specific browser to view a step by step explanation on how to change your browser configuration.

If you use Netscape - click on link below:

If you use Internet Explorer - click on link below:

bulletIn the meantime, you can still view match results in ASCII (typewriter keyboard) text.  Access to the ASCII text files is only available in the All Match Results page.  After you get to the matches page, select the club from the top drop down menu, then select the year of the match drop down menu, then select "Q & D ASCII Text" under the match date you are interested in viewing.

bulletOtherwise, more extreme measures may be required, removal and re-installation of your Acrobat Reader.  Windows operating systems, unfortunately, after many opening and closing of files, improper shutdowns, etc., cause DLL (executable files) to become corrupt.  When you experience problems with a program over and over, sometimes it is better to remove the program and re-install it.  This is true with any Windows program, not just the Acrobat Reader.  You may even need to remove and re-install your browser.  It may even be time to reformat your hard drive and re-install everything.

bulletAs routine maintenance, I back-up all my data and reformat my hard drives and re-install everything at least once a year.  Everyone does not need to complete this unpleasant task this often if they only use their computers for "normal" use.  I use my computers every day and I am constantly uploading, downloading, installing, un-installing software, so I would be considered a "heavy" user.

bulletIf you use Web TV or have a very old computer (386 or 486) and cannot use the Acrobat Reader, again, you still have the option of the ASCII text files, otherwise, it may be time to consider moving up to a "real computer."

bulletPlease send me a e-mail when you have problems with this site and I will try to help you resolve the problem.  Do not send messages to your club President, Stats Person, etc.  These people are kindly taking the time to send the files to me for posting.  They have nothing to do with how or when the match results get posted on this website.

Jerry Mallard
Area 2 Webmaster

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