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Last update:   21 May 2017

(Area 2 - CD-07)
P.O. Box 1881
Ridgecrest, CA 93556

Click for Ridgecrest, California Forecast

Edward R Frey
Ridgecrest, CA 93556
Phone: (760) 375-9690

Visit the New Sage Pistol League Website

By the way, we are always in need of people who want to design a stage or help set-up and tear down.
We offer two free shoots (no entry fee) for anyone who submits a stage design and is willing to come out and set up the stage for a match and tear down the stage after the match is over.

If you would like to become a member of the Sage Pistol League, simply click on the link below for the Membership Application.  Print, complete the form and mail it to the address at the top of the form along with your check for membership.

Sage Membership Application

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  • Club Members with paid up dues now receive a key to the Boral Pit Range for practice.

  • The General Public will be allowed to the range for practice for a $5.00 deposit, which will be refunded when the key is returned.

  • Keys to the Range are available at  Frey's Gun Shop and Creative Sales Associates - Home of TargetTaper in Ridgecrest, CA.

  • For more information, please read the Sage Gate Key Agreement.

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Sage .22 Rim Fire Matches

  • Pistol and Rifle, Open or Limited.

  • These are really USPSA Style Matches (same strict safety rules).

  • Bring your wife (significant other) and kids.   Always prizes for the kids and ladies.

  • No equipment needed, just your trusty .22 Cal Pistol and Rifle.  If you don't own a .22, we'll loan you one.

  • Typically 6 stages (4 pistol and two rifle) of steel targets.

  • Generally, each state has 5 steel targets, engage the targets in 5 or 6 strings of fire, discarding the lowest score.  We might throw in a paper target here and there, but not very often!

  • No magazine changing, no holsters or other special equipment required (we do require eye and hearing protection for shooters and spectators).

  • Start standing with gun in hands (rifle at semi-port arms) pointed down range.  At the signal engage the targets, one shot per steel target.  Repeat 5 to six times, throwing out lowest time.

  • Family members, or other friendly shooters do your reloading for you, no picking up brass, no taping targets.  What could be faster, easier and more fun?

  • Bring the whole family.

  • Typical match donation is only $10.00.

  • See the schedule below for the .22 match dates.

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The fantastic photos from Sage Pistol League's 2004 Silver Buckle Match !!  A great Slide Show - Produced - Directed - Photographed by Thomas Pham - Sage's Treasurer - Newsletter Editor.  Note:  This is a monster 29Mb executable file - be patient for the download.  Best to right click on the link and save to your computer.
Think of it as a Microsoft Service Pack download 

Standard Saving Time (Apr - Sept) - Matches start at 8 am.
Daylight Standard Time (Oct - Mar) - Matches start at 9 am.

(Note:  Small Bore, Rifle and other match dates will be added during the year)

Sage hosts the monthly USPSA match every 3rd Saturday (February, April, June, August, October & December) and 3rd Sunday (January, March, May, July, September & November).
.22 Steel Classic Matches on the 4th Sunday, every other month (odd months).
.22 Silhouette Rifle Matches on the 4th Sunday, every other month (even months).
Any changes will always be posted here - so check back often and to be safe, always call before a match date so you don't end up making a wasted trip.

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